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Ruth Edensor

Ruth Edensor is a Parenting Coach, Founder of Child Behaviour Direct, Creator of the Online Parenting Masterclass and Author of the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Behaviour.

She has helped countless parents who have become worried and stressed out about their children’s behaviour to discover the vital secrets to PARENTING SUCCESS.

Her unique Parent’s Guide to Children’s Behaviour Programme was developed to give parents the skills and information they need to find the root cause of behaviour problems, to end power struggles and create healthy, happy relationships with their children.

Her programme has been awarded the CANparent quality mark, which is the gold standard for parenting programmes in the UK. This means that it is evidence based, follows guidelines for best practise and is proven to make a positive impact to family’s lives.

Child Behaviour Direct was founded on 35 years of experiences and a passion for childcare and family wellbeing, with a mission to give parents the tools they need for their children to fill their potential and guide them on their way to a healthy adult life.

If you would like to work privately with Ruth, make a referral for a family or train your staff to coach the parents that you work with, please contact her directly she will be happy to help.