COVID and online issues

COVID 19 has become a Christmas  present for those choosing to abuse children and young people globally . Europol sent out alarming information of statistics and hugely increased activity over the last few months with no sign of it going away. Whilst tech giants should be made accountable, until it happens, it is up to each and every one of us to do all we can to keep children safer,. The internet was never created as a platform for young teens, and children,  therefore it will never be safe. So how do we keep children safer ? We MUST monitor more closely what they do online. it is their behacviours which cause the issues. Have they a secure password of at least 12 characters, do they cover their webcam, how many so called ” friends ” do they have online . We find some children as young as 7 say they have 500 . Its insane. when asked ” would  you follow me around town ” they say ” No ” when asked ” shall I follow you around town” they say ” no” but online they lose the plot. Offenders rely on this naivity ! Europol quotes ” online child sexual abuse will remain a signigicant threat as long as children spend large amounts of time online unsupervised during their spare time ”

Here are 2 chilling quotes from Europol from offenders they discovered communicating :

  1. thank you covid 19. Is nobody else seeing the bright side of this pandemic? schools are closed so kids are at home bored…that means waymoreloivestreams and it svery damn clear moderators are not working right now since Ive seen 3 hour streams go unbanned over the last few days where girls do whatever the fuck they want- what a time to be alive “
  2. Crisis affects. As we all know the majority of the world has been under quarantine due to this raqmpant disease. How is this situation affecting you and this wonderful hobby ? For me Ive been given more time to allocate to other things, in this case this hobby. Unfortunately though Im not the only one who gained more free time and i dont get much privacy, thus i cannot pleasure myself to this godly content, except late at night “

Please parents get these devices out the bedrooms . It is here 96% of iive streaming occurs AND by girls from 8 to 13 yrs old .

Last year abuse images online had increased by 700%. Europol says that has further increased by 106%  A third of sexual self generated images are by children themselves . Once they send to friends it arrives across social media and into the hands of paedophiles for the Dark web. Children are viewed as financial collateral – this is a huge billions of pounds business .Here, in the dark web  they create forums and websites by anonymous individuals dedicated to niche interests such as those seeking babies and infants. Here the production and exchange of child seuxal abuse material takes place, even advising on better ways to groom online and how to safely travel to abuse children. They even have annual competitions as to the best images !! There are dedicated bulletin boards for those seeking infants and  babies and demeaning material of severe cruelty to these children.

Maybe now is the time as parents and schools to engage with us . Our education focuses on  critically thinking andbehaviours to engage in safer behaviours

We look forward to hearing from you . If this information above has been an eye opener and a reality check lets speak !