Last lock down saw alarming numbers of children being contacted by perpetrators. This is a global issue. Here are extracts from the latest Europol report  :

There have been significant increases in activity relating to child sexual abuse and
exploitation on both the surface web and dark web during the COVID-19 lockdown
period.Increases in detection and reporting of CSAM on the surface web during lockdown
indicate the level of re-victimisation of children through the distribution of images
and videos depicting them.
Consistent levels of activity by offenders on the dark web during lockdown reflects
the ongoing organised business model that has evolved and the level of threat that
it poses to children.


Topic: thank you covid19
is nobody seeing the bright side of this pandemic??
schools are closed so kids are at home bored….. that means way more livestreams and its very damn clear moderators arent working right now since ive seen 3 hour streams go unbanned over the last few days where girls do whatever they fuck they want. what a time to be alive

Topic: Crisis affects
As we all know, the majority of the world is under quarantine at the moment due to this rampant disease, Covid-19. How is this situation currently affecting you and this wonderful hobby? For me I’ve been given more time to allocate to other things, in this case this hobby. Unfortunately though I’m not the only one who gained more free-time and don’t get much privacy, thus I cannot pleasure myself to this godly content, except late at night.

At freedoi from abuse we focus on educaiton in critical risk awareness to change BEHAVIOURS ON ONLINE directed at the innocent

REALITY : INEQE stated this week an increase of 183% in sexting furing last lock down and as stated by Eurpol of which we all agree :

Online child sexual abuse will remain a
significant threat as long as children spend
large amounts of time online unsupervised,
either during their spare time or while
receiving education via remote learning