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Desley Whillians

Founder & CEO of JW Safe Place – a confidential support service for ex & current Jehovah’s Witnesses affected by domestic abuse.

As a female born & raised into this community within a strict family, I then became a survivor of high risk domestic abuse perpetrated by JW members. I quickly identified that professionals and general public had no knowledge of the risks, punishments and barriers domestic abuse victims face from this religious organisation. This increased my risk, made me feel trapped and isolated.

I subsequently became an accredited domestic abuse specialist, working with Women’s Aid and other local domestic abuse charities as a high risk specialist, both in the community & hospitals. I train professionals and the community on domestic abuse, as well as providing unique insight on the Jehovah’s Witness organisation.

I have provided assistance to the IICSA inquiries, Charity Commission of England & Wales investigations and continue to raise awareness to police, NHS and more.

JW Safe Place offers emotional and practical support to victims & survivors. This can be on domestic abuse itself, the religious impact or even criminal or civil law. We provide advocacy and tailor all support to client needs, confidentially.

Our ethos is that everyone has a right to a belief, but everyone also has a right to be safe; without consequences.