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Emma Cooper

For over 10 years I have been a front-line worker predominantly within the substance misuse sector, working with males and females and contributing towards them obtaining and sustaining recovery from substances.
My previous experience has seen me in reactive settings such as Community based teams and the prison sector, where I have implemented reactive work on a 121 and group setting.
Throughout my career I have identified that people felt there was not enough proactive and early interventions or support available prior to them using substances and / or living a life as an addict.
Armed with much research and now experience of the whole criminal justice sector I decided to create more opportunities for proactive and early intervention phases to take place. I feel this is crucial to contributing towards prevention of addiction and its associated lifestyles and crimes and making the interventions open / accessible to everyone is key.
Now established One Chance CIC has educated over 6000 children, generated successful and non-judgemental open-door policies not only to youths but parents / guardians and organisational staff too. This has been a key area to develop due to many people being affected by substance misuse whether directly or indirectly.
One Chance CIC has help contribute towards people escaping gangs safely, positively impacted victim statistics in areas such as Domestic Violence and sexual exploitation through partnership working with agencies, which I am passionate to continue.
I always remember being told at the beginning of my career that … “Anyone can become an addict or victim of crime, and that there is always a reason behind why someone is doing what they are doing.”
#nojudgement #raiseawareness #educationiskey