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FAB project

The FAB project is a not for profit registered Social Enterprise providing professional therapy for any aspect of childhood trauma or adverse children’s experiences.
Our focus:
I. Children and families affected by bullying
II. Children traumatised by abuse or any adverse experience
III. Adults still affected by childhood abuse
All Sessions are free of charge and available one to one or online.
Professionally led sessions from specially trained therapists use and teach our unique holistic trauma release process. The sessions offer recovery and empowerment in a safe, friendly, compassionate environment without a need for repetitive dialogue.
All sessions use the 5 Awakenings Trauma Release Sequence® – A British Complementary Medicine Association validated therapy created with focus on childhood trauma. www.the5awakenings.co.uk
Our aim in the therapeutic session is to free the energy of the trauma, establish progress and bring personal freedom, empowerment and choice. We aim for survivors of abuse to regain confidence, self-worth, self-respect and dignity. Our sessions includes self-help templates and guidance for use at home providing a tool for life.
The Founder of the project is Rena Guttridge, a former nurse with over 35 years’ experience in the treatment of trauma and abuse.