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Lourdes-Anne Requena

Through Lived experience, I consider myself an expert regarding my own recovery from Mental Health challenges, attempted suicide, breakdowns and trauma and abuse as a child.

As a life coach, I always look at alternative remedies and different ways to help myself and others.

I offer 1 to 1 Transformational Coaching sessions, group work and Corporate Coaching. Helping women over 40 build resilience and find their own voice. I also work with young people and families, in the areas of trauma and abuse, building confidence and making better life choices, also providing advocacy and meditation where needed.

I also teach Tai Chi & Qigong, relaxation and meditation techniques, helping you to move in ways that improve and clean your energy, build confidence, flexibility and focus. Improve your posture, co-ordination and balance and help you come back to your centre, to a place of peace and calm. These wonderful art forms also provide stress relief, help with depression, anxiety, insomnia and much more.

Areas of expertise: Mental Health and emotional wellbeing. Trauma and abuse. Building resilience and inner strength. Finding your own voice and learning to express yourself and become more assertive. Establish healthy boundaries, create supportive structures and learn to ask for what you want. Discover what you truly desire and help you make better choices that empower you and support you, to create what you really want and become who you want to be.

My sessions can be taken on line and in person, with the coaching also being available on the telephone, all of which are equally effective. I offer workshops and wellbeing days & I’m available for speaking events, using my story to empower and inspire others.