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Suzanne Murray

As a Consultant, in the field of Safeguarding, Child Protection, Wellbeing and Inclusion, and as an educator, I believe that my understanding and approach to my work has been shared by my deep understanding of learning organisations. I offer a range of services to support the education, safeguarding and protection of children in education, sport, extra-curricular and extended learning environments. I believe that policy is only effective when evident in practice and work to ensure that schools and organisations can adopt a strategic approach in a practical manner, allowing for a consistent understanding and implementation. The embedding of a “Culture of Care” which ensures that safeguarding is dovetailed with and builds on excellent pastoral care and wellbeing, ensure that children needs are prioritised and that actions speak louder than words.

Previously as Safeguarding Manager – Asia for the Cognita group, I developed and implemented a safeguarding strategy, within a “Culture of Care” ensuring consistent of practice across all Asia Schools and organizations within the group. I acted as an advisor, supporting training and development, implementation of safeguarding curriculum, case, crisis, and allegations management.

As a skilled administrator, with extensive leadership and management experience in 5 schools, I have led strategic, operational, and cultural change in education. I have experience of conducting school safeguarding reviews in national and international settings. My position and various roles have offered me the opportunity to public speaker at national level in the UK and Internationally and to contribute to the training of others. I have 23 years teaching experience, working in state sector inner city schools in the United Kingdom.

I believe we have a responsibility to prepare children for the 21st Century and am passionate in my belief that we have a moral duty to safeguard and protect all children in all learning environments.