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Wendy Richards

I have a passion for compassionate leadership and entrepreneurship. Through my own life experience I have learned that success in business is not only about how to make money: It’s about personal development, commitment to a dream, and the drive to make a difference for yourself and all the people in your life.
I believe that every business owner has phenomenal potential to grow and succeed. My passion is to work with entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals in a way that is sustainable for both them, their team and their families.
Wendy is an entrepreneur, business growth specialist, mental health and wellbeing consultant, life coach, author and motivational speaker. In 2003, she moved to South Africa in search of inner peace and happiness. In 2019, her 16 year African adventure came to an end and she returned to the UK to fulfill her vision of inspiring happiness within others.
Having overcome enormous adversity in her own life, Wendy has made it her mission to help others heal their wounds, find inner peace and express their exhilaration for life whilst realizing their unlimited potential.
Her story is one of unstoppable love, grace, positivity and even humour in the face of daunting obstacles and fears. By relating how one abused and broken girl raised herself to be a successful and self-confident woman, her story will inspire and motivate individuals of all
genders and cultural backgrounds to rise above their demons and realise their own unlimited power to build the life they wish to lead.
Wendy is the author of ‘Her Mothers Betrayal’ A journey through Horror to Happiness – available on Amazon – paperback, ebook and audio.