“Our mission is clear. To ensure all children are free from abuse and free from its impact."

Marilyn Hawes, founder of Freedom From Abuse

We prevent abuse through education and advice


We train schools and other organisations to prevent abuse. Using our unique triangular approach, we train children, staff and parents to create a shared understanding of the problem.


We raise awareness through campaigning

The real issues around abuse in this country are little understood – from schools to government. We campaign to build awareness and shift policy to one that actually protects children.  

We support sufferers from abuse or its impact


The work we do reduces the incidence of abuse, but it still happens. So our HearMe service provides support to those suffering from abuse, or its impact.

Managing Abuse

Define the problem

You can’t rely on the government, police and social services to protect children. As parents and guardians, we are all accountable but most require the tools to prevent and manage abuse.

Our mission

Our mission is simple, to reduce the incidents of abuse and help suffers recover and thrive in their new life. We can achieve this through accessible education and a strong network of professionals.

In-person training

A one-day session designed to develop the skills to recognise abuse coached by Marilyn Hawes.


Our team of 40+ consultants provide a comprehensive range of services that is secure and confidential.

Online training

Our non-nonsense online learning develops the skills to tackle abuse. Stream anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

Our experience

Our past shapes our vision

We’ve been working with abuse for over 20 years with many of our team have lived experiences of abuse. We know how difficult the subject of abuse can be so having had first-hand experience gives us the edge to tackle it directly.

We must attack the problem of abuse head-on. To do this, we must understand the way our enemy thinks, behaves and hides. Our vision is to build an Army of Advocates to provide the education, resources and help required to win this war.

How You Can Support Us

Join the fight against abuse!

When you sign up to we will send you emails a few times a month about our campaigns. We will also share our latest news and contact you about events and fundraising, and opportunities to help – or you can just choose the areas you want to hear about.