Open the can and free yourself from abuse

Abuse across society is a can of worms!

We are a ‘CAN DO‘ organisation aimed at reducing the incidence of sexual abuse, domestic abuse, harassment, stalking and bullying. We provide a simple to use online platform that educates users on how to identify an abuser, report abuse and consequently protect children in their care.

The process is managed entirely within a secure online environment with total confidentiality. A potential abuser or those suffering abuse are not publicly identified unless a case has been established and a charge made.

People with a concern about abuse, someone who wishes to disclose, or an abuser who is trying to stop abusing, can use the system to address their issues.

The Paths to Freedom
Direct access to our team of abuse professionals limits the impact of abuse and aids recovery.


Hear Me is a secure online service, enabling individuals and organisations to process concerns or disclosures about abuse. 

Online Courses

Develop the skills to recognise abuse with our no-nonsense online learning.Course are self-paced and accessible from anywhere, anytime. 

The Freedom Bootcamp

A one day workshop held in person or virtually to educate children, young adults, teachers, coaches, parents and organisations.


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The Frontline of Freedom

In-Person Workshops

The Freedom Bootcamp

A one-day session designed to develop the skills to recognise abuse coached by Marilyn Hawes and her team. Click to access an example of a day’s course and some client reviews.

Online Learning

The first step in preventing abuse is the ability to recognise grooming behaviour.

*Please note, this is a free preview of the course. Full access granted on purchase.

Course Title:

Grooming - The preamble to abuse

Course Length:

14 video lessons (3 hrs, 10 mins)


Abuse Prevention

What you will learn from this course:

How an abuser thinks.

How to recognise an abuser.

How to tackle abuse.

full access.


We're all ears.

We provide a service to disclose abuse, look for advice or if you are still suffering from the impact of abuse. We can help you recover and thrive.

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If you, like us, believe abuse is out of control in our society. Join our campaign to make a change.


A tried and tested approach

Read the stories of those we’ve helped.

There is no doubt that Marilyn Hawes made quite an impact, as I expected she would do, and the consequent level of discussion and debate was considerable that day and in the days following.  She raised quite a few issues for us all to think about, many of which are not comfortable, and yet that is exactly what we needed from an external speaker.  I
Peter Bieneman, Harrow School
This was the third time that I have heard Marilyn speak. On this occasion she delivered a safeguarding training session of all of our staff, teaching and ancillary. Prior to the training several colleagues commented that they had ‘already received training’. However, this is not safeguarding training as you know it. This is something very different and all of the audience were ‘hooked’ within minutes.
Julie Chatkievicz , St Margaret’s Girls
Marilyn spent a day leading workshops for each year group in KS2.  In addition, she led sessions for parents and governors.  Marilyn’s sessions were hard hitting, relevant and raised awareness of the dangers of the pupils’ online presence.  They enhanced our teaching about online safety and having somebody independent of school, reinforcing key messages was very powerful.  I highly recommend Marilyn.  She will not disappoint.
Jane, Headington School
Marilyn packed real punch and creditability, as an ex teacher and mother of abused children. Marilyn speaks in very clear and plain English, spelling out not only the dangers and the effects of abuse but offers an informed insight into how abusers operate. Marilyn delivered three hours of the most useful training experience I could ever provide my team. The DSLs returned to their colleges with lots to reflect on and energized to look at safeguarding with fresh eyes.
Paul Ludlow, Dukes Education Group

Secure, confidential conversations.

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