Are children safe online and what should parents do to protect them?

BY PETER GARSDEN /  MONDAY, 11 DECEMBER 2023 /  PUBLISHED IN ARTICLES, GENERAL NEWS Paedophiles will always look for ways to meet and abuse children. Years ago they would look for employment as teachers, care workers, sports coaches etc. As fast as routes to children are barricaded by safe guarding, sex offenders have to be more inventive. Now the internet is the […]

Unmasking the Abuser – Behaviour of the fixated paedophile.

BEHAVIOUR AND CHARACTERISTICS TYPICAL OF THE FIXATED PAEDOPHILE by Ray Wyre formerly of Gracewell Institute in 1991 These behaviours are directed to both boys and girls, although boys are referenced in this document. It depends on the paedophile’s gender preference STAGE 1 Fantasises and masturbates to previous sexual contacts Fantasises over anticipated contacts Gets to […]

The cost of abuse.

1 in 5 crimes in 2020 DA relatedIntimate partner murders  has doubled24% of UK kids directly impacted by child abuse1 in 8 adults reporting abuse as a child COSTS annual in UK 2020 and rising £ 3.6 billion spent of DA support£ 4.8 billion spent on children in care£12.6 billion spent on mental health support£897 […]

Treatment For Trauma And PTSD

Essentially what we are looking at here is complex – PTSD as a result of sexual, psychological, emotional abuse within the setting of a community and institution. These combinations cause specific symptoms which can be resolved when applying a strategic treatment plan. There is no reason for the ongoing suffering of those impacted by abuse. […]

Adverse Child Experiences Outcomes

Marilyn Hawes: Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Traumatised Brain Following the successful Freedom From Abuse “Resilience” online events in February and March, and with others planned for June and September (book here), we thought it appropriate to raise the flag again on Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs. In this article, Freedom From Abuse‘s Marilyn Hawes focusses on the damage Adverse Childhood Experiences can […]