Essentially what we are looking at here is complex – PTSD as a result of sexual, psychological, emotional abuse within the setting of a community and institution. These combinations cause specific symptoms which can be resolved when applying a strategic treatment plan. There is no reason for the ongoing suffering of those impacted by abuse. In fact the constant relaying of the trauma re-traumatises them. To be clear, complex PTSD need the application of the multi model approach in line with national and international guidelines for working with complex trauma and PTSD. for effective, sustainable outcomes. The person treating these people will need to be trained in a minimum of 5 different trauma focused psychological processors to have a good result and actually RESOLVE the trauma. This isn’t just about football, this is about sexual abuse and the resulting complex trauma symptoms which impact the brain, body, emotions. Recovery is possible, no body should be an on going prisoner of their past in 2021 when this support and treatment strategy is available.

Rachel Fairhurst / Director & Practice lead

Integrated  trauma solutions

FFA and LEIGH DAY  conference – BE SEEN BE HEARD


Leigh Day
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Trigger Warning // Child Abuse
Thank you to all the speakers at yesterday’s Be Seen, Be Heard conference for taking the time to provide an enlightening & informing morning. If you missed out, the webinar will be available on-demand next week. Here’s a summary of the events along with some resources.

Alison Millar welcomed the importance of this timely discussion. Alison gave evidence to the Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) and regularly comments in the media and on social media on child protection issues.
Marilyn Hawes provided a brief story and aims of Freedom From Abuse. Marilyn’s three sons were sexually abused by her friend, who was her boss and their headteacher. She will be sending the feedback from this conference to senior ministers.
We then saw the trailer for A Boy a Man and a Kite by Stephen Endelman (musical film composer and Freedom From Abuse patron), who shared his message of hope and spoke out against abuse, reiterating this conference sentiment that “There is no shame” – the trailer
Nikki Adebiyi, social entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Bounce Black, shares her journey from surviving to thriving in spite of [cont. in comments]

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